Bear's Spooky Book of Hidden Things (2018)

07. 24. 2018


It’s Halloween and Bear can’t wait to go trick-or-treating! He hopes his friends will be handing out his very favorite treat: honeycomb. From a spooky pumpkin patch to a haunted house to a creepy forest, Bear is in for a real adventure. 

Can YOU help him find all the hidden surprises in store on this magical night?

"Dudás’s artwork is both inviting and artfully designed, and the search-and-find aspect is just challenging enough to keep readers engaged." (Publishers Weekly)

“Readers follow Bear on Halloween, searching for treats in this seek-and-find title. Bear and his forest-animal friends are surrounded by autumnal sights and colors in Dudás’ boldly colored cartoon spreads, from piles of hay, corn, leaves, and bones to a field of tractors at the pumpkin patch.” (Kirkus Reviews)

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