Piggle the Pig: The Perfect Pigsty (2025)

Flamingo Books
(Penguin Random House)
April 1, 2025

When Piggle's parents let him know that they'll be stopping by, preparing for their visit seems positively easy. All he has to do is put away several months' worth of laundry, remove an extraordinary amount of trash, and wipe down any surfaces that might be covered in grime and mildew (which is all of them). And wait... who is that living in the washing machine? Nothing your average pig can't handle!

Children who dread room-cleaning day, adults who freeze up when facing the task of housecleaning, or just about anyone who has faced down a sink full of dishes will find Piggle's struggle relatable. Uniquely hilarious,
Piggle the Pig will delight readers as he faces the universal struggle of preparing for unanticipated houseguests.

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